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After starting up my own projects and working as a designer in the industry for over 7 years, I learnt a lot about the pain and difficulty many brands find when creating meaningful collections and bringing them to life through quality and reliable manufacturing.

I've run my own clothing project, RIVER GOD, for 3 years, being featured in GQ many times, launching many successful products and events. This has given me insight and experience of knowing exactly what brand owners need to build and scale successful companies.

Alongside my own brand, I've worked with over 600 clients on various clothing projects ranging from creative consultancy, product design through to sourcing full collections. Some of my more notable clients include brands such as Playboy, HYPEBEAST and Pegador.

The business side of building clothing brands is something I deeply care about too. I have an honours degree in Business Management with Entrepreneurship(BSc) from Warwick Business School, after winning a scholarship for my commitment to entrepreneurship.

Through my work I have met many suppliers in South-East China and UK that have worked for some of the biggest brands in the world. I have ongoing relationships with the owners of these vendors and often have meetings strengthening our understanding and design language. This means I can offer a complete 360-degree design and sourcing service to my clients.

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