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If you're in the initial stages of building your brand or looking to fine-tune and rebrand your existing project - I offer several services to help you nail it.


I can help you create a logo that tells the story of your brand in a concise icon. We can work through several concepts and draw on current and past logo trends to help you create your unique stamp in the market.


Building a compelling core identity for your brand is crucial. This is achieved through consistent graphic assets and tone throughout your public image. I can help you select powerful colour pallets, complimentary logos and visuals to craft a strong core to your streetwear brand.


Brand identity isn't just a logo but anything from the way you photograph your products and layout your social media. Drawing on my previous experience and knowledge of the market, I can help you draw up requirements and references to strengthen your brand identity across different visual disciplines


Designing custom elements for the garments themselves that emphasise your brand in a more subtle way is one of my favourite parts of brand identity.

This can be as simple as a small embroidered icon, right through to custom metal hardware engraved with your visual identity.


The best brands tell stories that inspire and connect to their audience. This can be achieved through many different lenses to invite your customers to enter your vision. This is one of my specialities, I can help you develop your story and communicate it in a way that resonates and ties in with your wider brand identity.

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